Mobile Website Development and Mobile Website Design

Every GoMobi Solutions Mobile Website account comes with an easy to use Mobile Website Sitebuilder that includes Mobile Website Templates for you to choose from.

Mobile Website Design
GoMobi Solutions specializes in the hosting and development of mobile websites.  If you don’t have the time to create your mobile website we can complete your mobile website design for you for a one-time fee of $175.  This includes importing your existing website content, design, optimization of your mobile site, and launching your new mobile website.  If you are interested in this service please contact our sales team and we would be happy to assist you in launching your new Mobile Website.

Mobile Website Development also includes:
Free Mobile/Desktop Switcher
Allows visitors to easily switch between the goMobi site and the full website.
This capability is embedded in the full website, to allow a user to select the mobile version, if Device Detection (per below) is not in use. The user’s selection is stored and remembered for their future visits. The use of this option provides full user control, with the convenience of stored preference.

Automatic GoMobi Device detection
Ensures the best user experience for visitors by automatically routing visitors on mobile devices to the goMobi site. Underpinned by DeviceAtlas for superior performance and up to date device recognition.

This solution is a web service, powered by dotMobi’s award winning DeviceAtlas platform. Sending the visitor’s user agent string to the service results in the return of key information about the visiting device, permitting redirecting the visitor to the goMobi site if they are on a mobile device. A single line of code is provided (PHP and Python) for embedding in the full website. This is the best user experience overall, requiring no intervention by the user.

Personalized transcoding engine
A powerful suite of tools which allows the developer to control the automated transformation of website content to mobile-friendly content. The transcoding engine leverages the content from an existing website, and the tools allow you to define how it appears on the mobile device. This option minimises maintenance since changes to the source website pass through and are exposed via the goMobi site, adapted to the visiting device.

GoMobi Solutions is a Mobile Website Design and Hosting Provider. We specialize in the development of mobile websites, mobile site builders, and mobile website hosting for businesses including gomobi reseller plans, gomobi support, and mobile website design.